About Feature Technical Parameter Basic Configuration
i.About The Product
This device is designed based on the Volkswagen Jetta front axle assembly to holistically demonstrate structures and
operation of the power steering system and front axle suspension system. The device applies to theoretical teaching and
maintenance training of the power steering and front axle suspension systems in secondary and senior vocational skill
schools, normal education and training institutions. The device can be used for structure display, operation simulation, and
assembly and disassembly training.
1.Real and operable power steering and independent suspension systems are used to illustrate structures of these two
2.A three-phase motor drives a booster pump to operate the steering wheel. In this way, the device demonstrates power
3.The training bench is installed with a pressure meter that displays real-time oil pressure changes of the booster pump.
4.The training bench's base frame is made in steel and the surface is paint-coated. Self-retention wheels are installed to
ensure that the bench is flexible, reliable and endurable.
iii. Basic Parameter
1.Size: 1700mm × 900mm × 1100mm (length x width x height)
2.Driving power supply: three-phase four-wire (three-phase five-wire 380 ± 10% V 50 Hz)
3.Operating temperature: -40℃ to +50℃
4.Oil pressure gauge: 0–100 kg/psi
5.Three-phase asynchronous motor:
◆ Model: YT 90S-4
◆ Voltage: A.C. 220V/380V
◆ Power: 1.5 KW
◆ Rotation speed: 1400 r/min