About Feature Technical Parameter Basic Configuration
The dissection car fully lays out inner and outer structure of auto system with full parts and reasonable section based on
original finished car which can express clearly movement of inner configuration parts.the deviceapplies to theoretical teaching
and maintenance training requirements.
1.Original finished car (with engine,chassis,car body and car electrical )iii. Function1.The dissected car keeps complete
driven system,control system, it can drive independently.Mainly dissect the car body metal plate, interior and so on .
2.The dissected car keeps complete electrical,electronic control system.each system works normal.Details are as below,in
generally, it dissect the car by the way of multistep along the vertical direction,(dissecting the front left skin of car,and
dissecting the right middle and rear skin of the car )dissect the front and rear door,machine cover,sun roof,instrument
cluster,use for displaying the installed position of all the assembly of car.the metal plate must dissect fitly,paint firmly,making
different structures with different colors,the performance is reliable and safety,the retention covering parts,interior and
painting color must protect well and no damage,the edge wrap by tape,retaining the function of the bearing parts.
3.It can complete display the structure of the finished car,driven system overall structure and working principle,the structure of
suspension system and working principle,the structure of braking and steering systemand working principle ,evaporator of
air-conditioning system,the structure of air distribution system,the layout of whole car wiring harness.The inner structure of
power window,central door lock system and working principle,main car body system with steel structure and so on.