About Feature Technical Parameter Basic Configuration
I. Product overview (Note: take the application in Toyota Corolla 2ZR-FE for instance)
The equipment is based on Toyota Corolla 2ZR-FE electronic control gasoline-gas dual-fuel engine, which enables practical
operations of the engine including starting, acceleration, deceleration, etc., and presents the actual structure and working process of electronic-control dual-fuel engine. It is applicable for the teaching demands on theories and maintenance training of automobile engine in middle and higher vocational colleges, general education colleges and training institutions.

II. Functional features
1. Performable electronic control gasoline-gas dual-fuel engine, fully demonstrating the composition and working process.
2. The training bench panel is made of 4 mm advanced aluminum plate which is of corrosion resistance, impact resistance, antipollution, fire resistance and moisture resistance, the surface of which is finished with special spraying primer; color circuit
diagram and working principle schematic diagram, which will never fade, are printed on the panel and the surface is sprayed with varnish; students can intuitively compare the control circuit and the real object, and understand and analyze the working principle of the electronically controlled common rail diesel injection system.
3. Motormeter, fuel pressure gauge and vacuum pressure gauge are installed on the panel of the training bench to display real-time changes in parameters like engine speed, injection pressure, pressure of intake manifold, gas remain, etc.
4. Oil-gas switch on the panel enables the switch between oil and gas during normal engine running.
5. The panel of training bench is equipped with detection terminals, enabling direct detection of pins of sensors, actuator, engine control unit for electric signals, including resistance, voltage, current and frequency signal.
6. The bench is equipped with diagnosis socket which may be connected with special or universal auto decoders and perform such self-diagnostic functions as fault code reading, fault code clearing and data flow reading on the electronic control system of engine.
7. The training bench is fitted with throttle control unit, easing the acceleration and deceleration of engine.
8. The training bench is equipped with such protection equipment as battery main switch, tank shield, flywheel shield.
9. The base (with self-locking trundle) of training bench adopts steel structure finished by spray coating, featuring flexible
movement, safety, reliability and durability.
10. Intelligent fault setting and assessment system. 

III. Technical parameters
1. Dimensions: 1400×1000×1800 mm (L*W*H)
2. Working power supply: DC 12V
3. Fuel octane rating: to be determined by the engine model
4. Volume of fuel tank: 10L
5. Working temperature: -40℃ ~ +50℃.