About Feature Technical Parameter Basic Configuration
I. Functional features
1. The equipment fully demonstrates basic principles of BEV flywheel energy storage technology and can dynamically simulate the process of transforming electric energy from external power source via motor to kinetic energy of flywheel rotation and store it and transforming kinetic energy of flywheel via generator to electric energy and output it to external loading when needed.
2. The instruction board panel is made of 4 mm advanced aluminum plate which is of corrosion resistance, impact resistance, anti-pollution, fire resistance and moisture resistance and the surface of which is processed with special spraying primer; the panel is printed with fadeless color circuit diagram and working principle schematic diagram and the surface is sprayed with varnish; students can directly compare structural schematic diagram of BEV flywheel energy storage technology and the real object, and understand and analyze its working principle.
3. The demonstration panel is installed with ignition switch, vacuum gauge, tachometer, etc. and supplemented with light emitting diode for indication .
4. Instruction board panel is made of 1.5 mm molded aluminum frame structure, which is beautiful in appearance; chassis part is welded with steel structure, the surface is processed with spraying, the chassis is equipped with a selflocking casters device, the instruction board base is installed with a desktop sized 40 cm, which is designed to facilitate the placement of documents and light detection instruments.
5. The instruction board is supplied with an AC power of 220V which will be converted into a DC power of 12V through internal transformer rectifier, without battery and recharging and the DC power supply of 12V is provided with protection function against short circuit.

II. Technical parameters
1. External power supply: AC 220V±10% 50 Hz
2. Operation voltage: DC 12V
3. Working temperature: -40℃ ~ +50℃.
4. Dimensions: 1600×700×1700 mm (L*W*H)