XXH-013 Training Box For The Body Electronic Stability System ABS, ASR, ESP Control Unit ECU Secondary Development Training System
About Feature Technical Parameter Basic Configuration
Use original car parts - ABS / ASR / ESP control unit assembly, one 29V12V switching power supply, one engine control unit, one steering column lock control unit, one gearbox control unit, one OBD diagnostic interface control unit, one OBD diagnostic interface, one steering angle sensor, one brake switch, one ABS fault indicator, one ESP indicator, four Hall two-wheel speed sensors, one yaw rate sensor, one lateral acceleration sensor, one analog steering wheel, four speedometers showing wheel speed, four indicator lights for brake wheels, four DC permanent magnet motors, four motor governors, one high-grade metal case, and one secondary development system control board, a set of product instruction manuals, a set of 30-channel intelligent fault setting systems, a self-developed main control board circuit principle connection block diagram, and an ISP program download interface.

1. ABS anti-lock function: Press the brake switch, the valve needle in the valve body moves obviously, and it can be made 6~12 times/second.When the wheel speed is greater than 15KM/H, press the brake pedal, the ABS system starts to work, and the real demonstration system works. When the vehicle speed is less than 15KM/H, the brake pedal is pressed, ABS does not work. This is the normal brake.
2. ASR drive anti-skid function: ASR function: When the speed of the driving wheels on both sides is inconsistent, the ASR starts, the system will brake one wheel with fast speed, so that the speed of the wheels on both sides tends to be consistent.
3. ESP function: ESP starts when the direction is driven at a certain speed (assuming that the yaw rate of other conditions of ESP startup and the side slip acceleration are satisfied), if the vehicle speed is too fast and the steering wheel is rushed, the system considers the driver to turn Excessive, dangerous, will actively brake the outer wheel for direction correction. if the vehicle speed is too fast and slow to hit the steering wheel, the system thinks that the driver is understeering, dangerous, will actively brake the inner rear wheel for direction correction, wheel speed change obvious.
4. When the system is braking, which wheel is braked, except that the speed of the wheel is slowed down, the value of the speedometer is decreasing, and the brake indicator light corresponding to the wheel is also lit, which makes the brake effect more intuitive.
5. It is able to perform fault setting and clearing of various parts.
6. The governor controls the 12V DC motor to drive the wheel to run, simulate the car driving, 4 motors and 4 governors, each motor drives one wheel to run.
7. After pressing the brake switch, the last wheel stops. At this time, if the brake switch is released, the wheel will run normally again without having to operate the governor button. that is, the governor has a self-resetting function.
8. A wheel speedometer with a digital display of each wheel speed on the panel.
9. Each wheel on the panel has a corresponding brake indicator, which wheel is braked and which indicator lights up, giving a more intuitive feeling.
10. The system hydraulic valve plate oil path diagram with the flash LED indication on the panel and the braking process diagram of the single wheel - three stages of pressure, pressure and decompression.
9. There is a fault setting area on the panel, which can set the fault to the relevant part. Through the fault setting, you can understand that the consequences of different faults are different.
10. You can connect the car diagnostics to read the data flow and fault code of the ABS control unit, and also clear the fault code.
11. This set of system, with secondary development function, according to the main control board circuit principle connection block diagram, re-program the self-developed main control board, change the control logic, you can carry out programming exercises on the above, the prepared program through the ISP program The download interface is written to the main control board. 

1. Size: 680 * 480 * 220mm (length * width * height)
2. Weight: 20KG
3. Operating voltage: AC 220V, DC 12V, DC 5V.