XXH-009 Automotive Electrical and Electronic General Experimental Board
About Feature Technical Parameter Basic Configuration
1. A set of injection molded housing (upper case plus bottom plate), AC220V to DC 0~36V voltage adjustable output, output current 4A, output power 150W power supply, a set of plug-in circuit boards, a DC digital voltmeter, a DC digital ammeter, a digital frequency meter, a power switch, 20 pieces of 10cm, 20cm, 30cm long DuPont patch cords, 2mm in diameter, and 6 banana plugs with 30cm long wires.
2. It is equipped with motor drives, IGBTs, and a set of electronic components that can be used for 100 kinds of experimental projects.
3. It is equipped with circuit diagrams corresponding to 100 experiments.
4. It is equipped with 100 experimental instructions for the experiment.
5. A set of simple tools for experimentation (scorpion and one-headed trowel).

1. It is possible to carry out circuit plug-in experiments on various electronic components and automotive electrical appliances, including analog devices and digital integrated circuits, such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, various integrated circuits, and in-line microcontrollers.

2. It can replace the traditional building block electronic module experiment board with different functions. The electronic components can be reused.

3. The board is equipped with digital voltmeter, ammeter, frequency meter, power switch and fuse. It is convenient for monitoring the change parameters of voltage, current and frequency during the experiment. It has short circuit protection function, safe and reliable, and the system provides 0~36V adjustable DC power supply.

4. 40P and 48P integrated circuit lockers are installed on the experiment board, which is convenient for plugging multiple ICs (6-48) integrated circuits, so that it is not easy to be loose after installation, and the reliability of the experimental connection is guaranteed.

5. Four different aperture connectors are installed on the experiment board. Φ0.51mm small holes can be plugged into the thinnest pin resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, crystals, etc. The Φ1.02mm medium hole is suitable for plugging DuPont connecting wires, large diodes, potentiometers, high-power triodes and regulated power supply triodes. The integrated circuit IC socket hole is suitable for plugging in digital tubes, integrated circuits with fewer pins, relays, and the like. Two rows of 2MM inner diameter banana socket holes on the side of the board for plugging in car sensors and actuators. There is only one aperture in the breadboard of the past, which has many advantages, making the device more secure. In short, almost all components can find a suitable location on the top, without having to make the device pins too thick or too thin to be difficult.

6. The experimental plate shell is open-molded and injection-molded, with novel shape and rounded shape with a certain slope. It is more suitable for ergonomic requirements and convenient and quick to use.

7. This test board can be plugged into various patch-to-inline circuit adapter boards, and the pins are compatible from 20-48, which is convenient for the use of the patch device on this experiment board.

1. Size: 280 * 270 * 100 mm (length * width * height) 

2. Weight: 1.5KG

3. Operating voltage: AC 220V   DC  0~36V