XXH-003 Electric Vehicle Battery Structure Recognition&BMS Training Box
About Feature Technical Parameter Basic Configuration
1. The electric vehicle of different manufacturers, the battery type and battery composition used, the battery structure is different. Even in the same manufacturer, the battery models, compositions, and structures used in different years are different. In order to understand these differences, focus them on a training box for comparison and structural awareness.
2. At the same time, control and manage the main common battery packs for charge and discharge training, testing and battery temperature.
3. Put the above 1 and 2 parts in a training box. One box can be used to save the number of training boxes. Meanwhile, it is convenient to compare the appearance and structure between different types of batteries, and also perform charging and discharging experiments, as well as battery charge and discharge management.

1. Fully demonstrate the structure and characteristics of different types of batteries, including single cell density comparison, reference voltage value detection, battery pack serial-parallel structure display; and individual battery or battery pack corresponding to each test terminal Perform real-time voltage detection.
2, Battery charge management: When the battery voltage value is low to a certain extent, through the system's own voltmeter to observe, you can separately charge and manage the single battery or battery pack, while the single battery charging system can also simulate fast charge and slow charge test, after charging is completed, the battery management system will cut off the charging circuit to protect the battery.
3. Discharge management of the battery. When the battery is fully charged, turn on the discharge switch to perform the discharge test. When the battery voltage reaches a certain value, the power management system will cut off the circuit between the battery and the appliance to protect the battery.
4. Battery temperature control and management: When the battery temperature reaches a certain value, the battery management system will cool down the battery, that is, it will automatically start the cooling fan (or cooling water pump) to protect the battery;
5. Battery management system control panel: it can protect the battery when the battery is overcharged and overdischarged and the battery temperature reaches a certain value.
6. Through the programmed single-chip microcomputer system control board, the battery voltage and temperature are sampled, and the state of the battery can be detected in real time. When the voltage of the battery reaches a certain value and the temperature of the battery reaches a certain value, overcharge and Over-discharge and high temperature intervention and protection.

1. Size: 550 * 440 * 220mm (length * width * height)
2, Weight: 8KG
3, Operating Voltage: AC 220V, DC 12V, DC 5V;

1. Five 14500 single cells with different types and densities: lithium iron phosphate battery, lithium ion battery, nickel cadmium battery, alkaline battery, nickel hydrogen battery and battery box.
2. A 3P-3S (3 string 3 and) 11.1V (commonly referred to as 12V) battery pack consisting of 9 batteries.
3. 5 voltmeters, 4 ammeters, and 1 thermometer. Each meter can observe the voltage and current of each channel separately and in real time, and also observe the temperature of the battery during charging and discharging.
4, 8 electrical appliances: composed of 21W,5W,12V and 5V bulbs
5. 4 charge and discharge switches and 8 electrical appliances switches.
6. The battery is fully charged and discharged to the specified value indicators.
7. It is used to store 2 18650 lithium ion battery storage boxes.
8. One temperature sensor, one set of temperature sensor heating system, one heating switch and one cooling fan.
9, One of the AC and DC chargers, single battery charger has fast charge and slow charge selection.
10. Simulate 1 set of battery management system control board.
11. 20 detection terminals, which can detect the real-time voltage of each single battery or battery pack.