XXH-005 Electric Vehicle AC-DC Conversion Principle Training Box
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In order to fully demonstrate the working principle of the electric vehicle power system, the training box uses DC 12V as the main body of the battery, and is converted into AC 220V alternating current through the inverter to realize the conversion of DC-AC, and the power supply machine drives the electricity. After the step-down module, the DC 12V is converted into DC 5V to realize the DC-DC conversion, which is used for the electric appliances on the vehicle.

1. Battery pack charger.
2. Energy recovery of one of the energy storage wheel and the motor.
3. Inverter.
4. Buck module.
5. Two DC voltmeters and one AC voltmeter.
6. 220V AC electrical appliances.
7. Simulate one energy recovery switch.
8. Power switch and one power working indicator.
9. Charging switch.
10. Electric appliance after analog DC-DC conversion:,DC motor with fan blade.

1.Size: 550*440*220mm (length * width * height)
2.Weight: 8KG
3.Operating voltage: AC 220V, DC 12V,DC 5V;